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Established London, 1976, as a mail-order business.  Specialists in English and American  Literary First Editions (including later printings with revisions or additions).

We  welcome  lists of desiderata,  which are recorded on our computer, and flagged automatically if they come into our stock. Quotations are sent without obligation to purchase.

Listings contain prices in GB Pounds Sterling and in US Dollars, and do not include postage. We do not accept plastic, but payments may be made in U.S. dollars from many countries using the secure PayPal site, and we make no extra charge for payments made in this way. If you wish to make payment by cheque in US $, please add $5.00 to the total towards our conversion costs. Books can also be paid for in many other currencies (see our Terms of Trade.)

All  books  can  be  ordered  by  e-mailing Robert Temple Booksellers directly,  or by  using the  Shopping Basket/Order Form.  If ordering directly, please note the author,  title, and reference number of the book you are interested in. - Thank you!

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